As a thank you to all existing RANGER owners, Polaris wants to celebrate the launch of the All-New RANGER XP 1000 by giving back to the owners who helped build RANGER into the Hardest Working Smoothest Riding brand ever built.

LOYALTY REWARDS: The owner loyalty is tiered and based on # of previous units owned/purchased

Pre-Order Incentive: All consumers are eligible for an additional 1-year promotional warranty for 2 years total of coverage.

Owner TierOfferLoyalty OfferExpiration Date
Owned 1 RANGER1 yr Additional WarrantyN/A12/31/2017
Owned 2-3 RANGER1 yr Additional Warranty$500 Polaris Accessories12/31/2017
Owned 4-9 RANGER1 yr Additional Warranty$1000 Polaris Accessories12/31/2017
Owned 10+ RANGER1 yr Additional Warranty$2000 Polaris Accessories12/31/2017

Ownership must be verifiable by dealer
Eligible consumers will receive a branded letter with an exclusive offer and a unique voucher

Ranger XP 1000

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  • 13.5 Gallons of Secure in-cab storage
  • Redesigned Easy Access Storage Under Driver’s Seat
  • Large 3.4 Gallon In-Dash Storage Bin
  • NEW! Configurable Flip-Up Passenger Seat
  • Larger In-Dash Glovebox
  • NEW! Second Glovebox in Upper Dash
  • NEW! Location for In-Cab Accessory D-Rings to Secure Cargo
  • NEW! Molded-In Bucket Ring in Cab Floor


  • NEW! Oversized Cup Holders for Tumblers & Coffee Mugs --> 6 Total Cup Holders!
  • NEW! In Dash Water Bottle Holders


  • NEW! Cut & Sew Seat Design
  • Redesigned Seat Base
  • Additional 1” of Seat Foam
  • Enhanced/more Durable Seat Material
  • Velcro in seats to help maintain shape/sculpting
  • NEW! Seat Slider Design
  • Easy Entry and Exit --> 5” More Clearance


  • Improved Electrical Routings throughout the Vehicle
  • NEW! Factory Pre-Wired Polaris Pulse Bus Bar Under Hood
  • NEW! Factory Pre-Wired Connector for Accessory Pulse Bus Bar in Roof
  • NEW! Factory Pre-Wired Connector for Electric Box Lift
  • NEW! 4 Additional Accessory Switch Locations on Left Side of the Steering Wheel


  • NEW! Class-Leading, 13% Tighter Turning Radius
  • NEW! 19% Tighter Steering Rack
  • Large Storage Tray in Dash


  • NEW! Modern, Bold, Aggressive Body Style
  • NEW! Aggressive, Large Front Grille
  • NEW! Color-Matched Painted Cargo Box Sides
  • NEW! Color-Matched Tailgate Accents
  • NEW! Colors and Graphics
  • NEW! Multi-Level Dash Texture
  • NEW! Headlights
  • NEW! LED Taillights
  • NEW! Backlit, Laser Etched Rocker Switches
  • NEW! Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Controls
  • NEW! In-Dash Vents


  • Redesigned Box and Tailgate
  • Larger, Reinforced Tailgate for Style & Function
  • Dust Reduction Features Designed / Molded into Tailgate
  • 2 Additional Tailgate Cup Holders
  • NEW! tailgate Latching Mechanism
  • NEW! Tailgate Handle
  • Molded in Retention Features for Buckets
  • 11.5% More Cargo Box Volume
  • Larger Tie Down D-Rings Fastened directly into Box frame
  • Welded Steel Corners for Increased Box Stiffness
  • More Divider Options for increased box usage and configurability
  • NEW! 8 Stake Pockets Integrated with Lock & Ride
  • Bigger Rear Fenders for more protection and easier cleaning


  • NEW! Pro Shield Doors
  • NEW! Color Matched Door Accent Panels
  • NEW! Crank down Window Doors
  • Larger Door Sealing Surfaces & New Gaskets
  • Automotive Style Two Stage Door Latches


  • NEW! Non-Slip Texture on Floor in cab
  • NEW! Shift Handle for Better Ergonomics
  • NEW! Top Speed in High
  • NEW! Top Speed in Low
  • NEW! 55 Accessories
  • NEW! Dual Sweep Analog + Digital
  • NEW! Under hood Air Intakes --> Higher volume, cleaner air Flow
  • NEW! Pro Shield Cab System --> 3x better dust seal than the competition


  • NEW! Class-Leading 82 HP with 62 lb-ft of Torque
  • Recalibrated Throttle Control Modes --> Work, Standard, Performance
  • 16% more Fuel Capacity --> 11.6 Gallons of Fuel Capacity
  • NEW! Industry Leading 2,500 lbs. towing capacity --> 25% more than any other utility SXS


  • NEW! Class-Leading 13” Ground Clearance
  • NEW! Class-Leading 11” Front Suspension Travel
  • NEW! Class-Leading 11” Rear Suspension Travel
  • NEW! Quieter, Longer Lasting, Maintenance Free Sealed Suspension Bushings
  • NEW! Front Sway Bar for a more confident, inspired ride
  • Inverted Lower-Control Arm Mount to Hub --> More Usable Ground Clearance & Protection


  • NEW! One Piece Chassis with more rigidity and Strength
  • Full Underbody Skid Plate with 50% More Under Chassis Protection
  • Close Off Panels Behind Cab to Prevent Dirt & Mud Build-Up --> Easier Cleaning


  • NEW! Massive Standard Bumper --> 25% More Front Protection with
  • New! Tie down Points Integrated on front bumper
  • NEW! Integrated winch mount in front bumper
  • NEW! Glacier Plow System Mount Integrated into standard Bumper
  • Integrated Accessory Mounting points


  • Bigger 27” 6 Ply tires
  • New Wheels
  • New Tread Pattern for Utility/Work/Ranch


  • NEW 1-Year Factory Warranty
  • Easy Radiator Access for Maintenance and cleaning
  • High Capacity Round Air Filter for Easier Maintenance


  • NEW! Pro-PVT Clutch
  • Larger Clutch Sheaves --> Largest Ratio in Industry for Smoothest Riding RANGER
  • 20% More Tow Force in Low
  • New! Structural Inner Clutch Cover --> Durability
  • 2.3X’s More Airflow for Cooler, Longer Lasting Belts
  • 32% Larger Belt for Durability


  • NEW! High Temp Drive Helix Constructed Carbon Fiber and Peek Plastic Blend to Withstand Heat up to 680 F (PATENT PENDING)
  • NEW! Standard Engine Braking System
  • 69% Larger Spider Buttons for Longer Life
  • 50% Larger spider Rollers
  • NEW! Low Friction, Higher Temp Material Roller Bushings
  • NEW! Weight Bushings
  • 9% Larger Clutch Weights for Longer Life


  • Industry First Steel Helix Preventing Wear and Grooving --> Extended Life
  • 50% More Driven Clutch Rollers
  • Slide-Free Design


  • NEW! Driveline Design & Layout for Reduced Noise & Vibration
  • NEW! 2-Piece Prop Shaft
  • Reduced/Recalibrated Front Drive Ratio for a Quieter Ride


  • Air Conditioner Condenser Relocated In-Front of Radiator
  • NEW! Heat & Air Condition Vents at Your Feet


  • Increased Seal Strength on Bearings for Longer Life
  • NEW! Stronger Rocker Panel Material
  • Multi-layer exhaust and chassis shields
  • PT Hose Material Upgrade
  • Increased Catalyst Size for Reduced EGTs
  • Regulator Improvement
  • New Brake Scraper

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